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Essay on Gay Rights

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❶World War II initiated a cultural shift for many gay and lesbian Americans. There are two basic strategies that the LGBT movement pursues:.

Gay Rights Movement

Craig Rimmerman’s Lesbian and Gay Rights Movements: Assimilation or Liberation
Strategies for gay rights

Cities were generally welcoming to the emerging LGBT community, and social networks expanded that were quite active throughout the s "Milestones in the Gay Rights Movement," Though LGBT communities thrived in many large cities, gay and lesbian individuals still faced discrimination and prejudice.

As Vern Bullough explained, "they were victims of what others said about them," and what was said only served to perpetuate stereotypes and fear. Homosexuality was denounced by:. During the s, LGBT individuals were routinely fired from government jobs and many were forced to leave the military.

In , President Dwight D Eisenhower issued an executive order banning gay men and lesbian women from all federal jobs. State and local governments and some private corporations followed suit, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation began surveillance of known and suspected homosexual Americans. Federal policy in turn influenced local law enforcement and police began regularly raiding gay bars and arresting their patrons.

Those arrested simply hoped that they would be fined and that their arrests would escape public notice Bullough, Eventually, fed up with the harassment and growing intolerance, some gay and lesbian activists began to organize politically.

At first the groups were small in size and political influence, but growing numbers of LGBT individuals began to take a stand for their rights "Milestones in the Gay Rights Movement," Initially secret, the group eventually went public, marking the start of "gay activism" Bullough, A parallel lesbian organization, the Daughters of Billitis, was founded in San Francisco around the same time, and it later merged with the Mattachine Society.

The formation of small, but public gay and lesbian political groups represented the first steps toward creating a grassroots civil rights movement for LGBT Americans. By the s, many LGBT individuals were becoming increasingly willing to act out against the discrimination that they were experiencing.

This breeds fear, suspicion and discrimination , the most pressing problem LGBT individuals face. A series of events chronicled by Rimmerman shifted the momentum from assimilation to the desire for liberation:.

Recent developments, however, have challenged the legality of this legislation and organized events like the gay pride parade have taken bold steps from assimilation to liberation wherein gay Americans would be treated the same as all Americans in the eyes of the law.

Similar to the struggles for black rights and women's right to vote , the government committed three major policy fails fanning the passion of the LGBT activists:. Moralists and Christian rights claimed it was a divine disease punishing morally abhorrent behavior.

There was no funding, public support or public education, and those with AIDS were largely abandoned. It was the result of a fight President Clinton could not win. Clinton enraged LGBT supporters who were optimistic and generous. Regardless, they fought on. The military itself could not determine that serving openly gay would have any negative effect on unit cohesion. If there was an adjustment period, then it would eventually work out.

Deliberate pressing of the executive branch challenged the notions that unit cohesion was sufficient to justify the ban which was not finally lifted until by President Obama.

Not surprisingly, the military adapted when units were desegregated. It was a milestone in the prevention of gay marriage and is backed by archaic religious tenets. DOMA states and is contradictory due to:. While the federal government hedged the issue by placing it in the hands of the states, they further complicated matters by creating discrepancies between federal and state offered rights.

There is clearly no reason by LGBT individuals should not have the right to marry and this legislative action further moved the LGBT movement toward liberation and they took their fight to the courts and the states directly.

The hallmark decision beginning the national trend of states addressing same-sex marriages was Baker v. For the first time, a state supreme court ordered a legislature to create a substantially similar form of legal union for same sex couples because the legitimate state interest in protecting the marital contract was the protection of children.

Thus were born civil unions. Other important cases include Bowers v. Hardwick , and Romer v. In Bowers and Romer, federal courts struck down state laws as violating the equal protection of citizens based on discrimination not linked to a legitimate governmental interest. Case law is beginning to amass as the LGBT activists challenge the governments stand in support of discrimination, and the government falls.

The California Legislature allowed for same sex marriages , then the people by referendum, made them illegal. Federal Courts ruled that Prop 8 was illegal, and now the Supreme Court of the United States has been asked to weigh in.

Assimilation or Liberation , is a good anthology of the history of our most salient civil rights issue. It has inspired an interesting analysis exploring the LGBT civil rights movement taking us on a journey of a rapidly ripening issue facing modern America.

He also describes the evolution of the movement from assimilation to liberation and the historical context where those paradigm shifts occurred. However, Rimmerman misses some great opportunities to discuss the incredible and multifaceted approach of the LGBT movements in using both internal governmental entities as well as external public pressure. The Declaration of Independence states that; we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.

These words were written over two-hundred years ago, and even then, the people believed in the importance of equality. All men are created equal, and therefore there should be no discrimination. History shows the discrimination of African-Americans and how our country has evolved regarding racism, but now there is a form of discrimination that is becoming more prevalent.

This form of discrimination is towards those of other sexual orientations, such as those who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Discrimination, under any circumstances, is morally wrong, and discrimination based on sexual orientation needs to be addressed.

Along with the degrading discrimination based on sexual orientation, comes the subjection of verbal abuse and other hate crimes. Such horrific discrimination and violence can often result in low self esteems, and in some cases, even suicide.

Young lesbians, gays, and bisexuals are at a quadruple risk for suicide than people of the same age that are straight. This tragedy has even become prevalent in families. There is even discrimination in the workforce. Gays have rights just like every straight person in the country, and one right that every person is entitled to is the right to marry.

The government is violating individual freedoms that are in the Declaration of Human Rights, which gives everyone the right to privacy and to found a family, without any interference based on race, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

S government recognizes same sex couples and gives them a right to civil unions, but in most cases, not marriage. The federal government accounts over 1, benefits with couples who are married, not couples in civil unions.

Some of these benefits include spousal benefits, social security survivor benefits, and unpaid leave to care for an ill spouse. Also, the government has restrictions on whether or not gay couples can adopt children.

There is no excuse for this discrimination from the government; there is no threat to society if gay couples marry, and there is no threat to children, should gay couples be allowed to adopt. Discrimination via the government is to be expected, yet still unjust; but one source of discrimination is appalling.

The gay and lesbian society is suffering discrimination from the churches in the country. Catholicism and other religions that worship through the Bible often say, that in the Bible it says that gays will go to Hell. It is wrong to discriminate this way, because not everyone worships through the Bible. In the United States, there are many different beliefs, and ways of life, and people should not be discriminated against simply based on their sexual orientation, just because the Bible, the church, or other religious material that states that being gay is wrong or unnatural.

Another issue that is linked with anti-gay violence, discrimination, and hate crimes is the claim that people choose to be gay. A common misconception is that asking for Gay Rights laws is asking for special privileges towards the gay community.

However, Gay Rights laws do not give the gay community any special privileges, but simply the same basic rights of equality that every straight person is given. The straight community has already been given theses rights for centuries, but these rights have been taken away consistently from the gay community and it is time for a change to occur. All men are created equal, and should be given equal rights as a consequence.

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The American Gay Rights Movement: A Timeline This timeline provides information about the gay rights movement in the United States from to the present: including the Stonewall riots; the contributions of Harvey Milk; the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy; the first civil unions; the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, Connecticut, .

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This essay will discuss several current issues that are currently debated within and between the gay rights movement and its opponents, including same-sex marriage and equal access to protection in the workforce.

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The civil rights movement is one that has evolved since its inception to represent many differing groups struggling for equality. The most recent group to enter the civil rights struggle are gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered (LGBT) individuals/5(6). The gay rights movement was and is currently a movement that “strives to end all discrimination towards the LGBT community” (Redlingshafer). As early as , the Society for Human Rights in Chicago becomes United States’ earliest known gay rights organization (“Milestones in the American Gay Rights Movement”).

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The Gay Rights Movement Essay Words | 5 Pages The Gay Rights Movement The history of the gay rights movement goes as far back as the late 19th century. Essay about GAY RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN THE 60'S The American Gay Rights Movement: A Timeline This timeline provides information about the gay rights movement in the United States from to the present: including the Stonewall riots; the contributions of Harvey Milk; the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy; the first civil unions; the .