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Describe the rise of Rock 'n' Roll and explain why it was so popular among teens of the 1950's.

Early Rock and Roll

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Get an answer for 'Describe the rise of Rock 'n' Roll and explain why it was so popular among teens of the 's.' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes. rock - Early Rock and Roll - In its early years rock was known as rock and roll (or rock ’n’ roll). This music was largely a mix of country music and rhythm and blues. Signifying rebellion and sexuality, rock and roll appealed to teenagers and often horrified their the mids such performers as Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and Fats Domino, who had generally been.

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View Homework Help - Printed reading from INART at Penn State. What Is Rock and Roll? Rock and roll, at best, is an inexact and imprecise term that now covers tens of thousands of songs written. Fats Domino (–) is an African-American singer songwriter who was one of the best-selling rhythm & blues and rock and roll music artists of the s. He's best known not only for his rotu J. D. Salinger.