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❶Katniss does not have huge hopes and dreams; she does not want to become a famous medical doctor and cure the world of cancer.

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Learning to run well as a child was good practice for becoming a messenger as an adult. Some games were played for sport or for settling a disagreement. One side of these pieces was dark and the other side was light-colored. The players bounced the playing pieces by bumping the bowl on the ground. Score was kept using scoring using sticks that were passed back and forth, depending on who won each toss.

Although all these activities and games were fun for children, these were the ways in which Wampanoag children learned the skills to live well as adults. Do you ever play naughts and crosses, draughts, all hid, lummelen, or hop frog?

You may not think so, but you probably do! These are the names of games that children played in 17th -Century England and that you might play today. In the 21st century, however, we know them by different names: Can you guess what all hid and hop frog are? They are hide and seek and leap frog. Next time you play one of these games, stop and think how amazing it is that you're playing the same game that children played years ago!

Although these games were common in England, historians don't know much about the games that Pilgrim children played. Few people from back then wrote letters or kept records about something that seemed so ordinary to them.

It's pretty safe to guess that children in Plymouth Colony probably played the same kinds of games that were played in England and Holland at that time. Historians aren't even sure how often children in Plymouth played.

One thing is certain though, they played a lot less than most children do today! Children in Plymouth Colony worked hard. They began at an early age to do important work for the family like working in the corn fields, cooking, fetching water, taking care of the animals, and watching younger children. Some children also learned to read and write at home; there was no school in Plymouth for many years. Even though they worked hard, children probably were allowed to play a little every day.

Many Pilgrim parents thought that is was fine for children to play games as a way of resting from work—as long as their children weren't playing instead of working! They thought that the best kind of games and sports for children were those that exercised their bodies like running races or their mind like draughts. They also liked children to play games in which they practiced skills that they would need later in life like playing house or playing with dolls.

But they didn't like their children to play games that involved luck because that was too much like gambling. What else might Pilgrim children have done for fun? They might have played word games, like gliffes. Gliffes are tongue twisters. Here's one from the 's. Can you guess this one?

What is ten men's length and ten men's strength, yet ten men cannot stand it on its end? Look at the end of this essay for the answer! Blowing bubbles was also a popular pastime for children. Children might even have played with toys like stilts, pinwheels, tops, hoops and marbles.

Children weren't the only ones having fun. Adults sometimes played games, sports or danced as part of celebrations, like weddings and harvest celebrations.

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8 Fun Homework Games. The time you put in now will help your child become a smarter, faster, more independent learner in the future. That's a payoff that can lead to a healthy, life-long relationship and interest in learning." Gillian Burdett is a freelance writer. Homework Help; Fun and Games; Fun and Games. Wampanoag Children Play Among other activities, they learned how to swim, shoot and dodge arrows, weave, sew, run swiftly, and play games of skill and chance as part of Wampanoag culture in the s. As sm all children, Wampanoag boys and girls were taught to swim in the fresh .