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Using Marketing Writing to improve Business sales

Adversity to social media marketing

❶Mashable, Retrieved from http: An organization can segment its consumer market through defining groups of consumers with characteristics which are similar, but every segment will have….

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Marketing in the 21st century
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It is no longer business as usual for people like the traditional salesmen. What with the virtual market being available to customers at the click of a button. Majority of businesses have embraced this new age online platform which is more effective and efficient. Now, this is where marketing writing services come into play. To get clients you have to endear yourself to them, and the best way to achieve that is through words. What is Marketing Writing Services?

Traditionally, it was the duty of salesmen to move around convincing people to purchase different products and services. This involves studying the market, understanding the targeted demographic, looking out for trends, and utilizing keywords associated with your product and service.

A private research firm found in that some 19, adults from 24 different countries tend to use the Internet for email usage more than social networking. Given that the number of users for social media is higher than that of email, it is important to note that many users appear to be more interested in checking their emails on a daily basis then going to social network sites and keeping up with their posts, followers, etc. Additionally, the use of email is much more popular with older users on the Internet.

As reported by the Pew Research Center ,. With this in mind, a company needs to ask itself several important questions about whom it is marketing to. If the company is marketing towards an older audience, then the obvious choice is to go with email.

Additionally, by marketing towards an older clientele base, a company will be targeting towards a group of people that already possesses a larger amount of income and financial stability.

Older individuals tend not to be in a state of financial change that the younger demographic tends to be in. They have usually been in their careers for multiple years and have built up some amount of savings. For many individuals, the use of email also feels less intrusive than social media.

Being contacted by a PR representative of a social media website can turn some people off the idea of using that product or service. This goes to the fundamental idea of manners of advertisers. They want to push their product but they do not want to overly force themselves upon potential clients, or clients can form opinions similar to what Kluth mentions. For all the advantages that the use of an email campaign has to gain publicity for a potential product or service, the use of social media as a means of a publicity campaign has its place.

Social media sites are extremely popular among the younger demographic. This is a crucial piece of information for a company that is marketing towards a specific age group. Knowing that over half of the people aged in this category will most likely be on a social media webpage, gives the idea that marketing to one of these sites is a good idea.

There is also something to be said about the spread of information from a social media point of view. Though emails can be sent to many different users, if they are not from a sender that the individual knows there is a good possibility that the email will never be opened.

Because of viruses and Trojans, users are very careful to not always open up unknown emails. Spam catchers also will filter lots of emails for advertisement into a folder that a user will empty without ever reading the majority of messages within. This is not a problem with social media. The websites will track what sort of products and services a user may want to be informed about based on what he or she says that he or she is interested in.

Additionally, users can see what sort of products and services that their friends enjoy on many social networking websites. If someone sees a close friend likes a particular company, product, service, etc. The basic idea is that people can receive information about a company or its products and services not only directly from that company, but they also can receive advertising from their friends and almost feel a sense of peer pressure to enjoy those same products or services.

Social media also allows advertisers to reach certain demographics, even a particular gender. The idea of spreading information on social networking sites has been seen and tested on multiple occasions. Though this is not a study that looks at the response to publicity campaigns, there generalized discussion is applicable because it looks broadly at the way that the students were sending and receiving information over a form of social networking.

What the researchers found suggested that the students respond to information coming from official sources compared to personal sources to be different.

The students tend to feel more trusting from the information that comes from their trusted individuals; however, the messages sent from the official source were critical in providing the original details and important information that the students needed to know immediately. These findings back the idea that consumers can be beneficial to the spread of data on a social media publicity campaign Hui et al. The use of social media for publicity campaigns also helps to get instantaneous feedback from a consumer base.

An article posted by NY1 showcases just this notion. Restaurant co-founder and operator Michael Berl uses Facebook and Twitter to get direct feedback from their clients. This is one of the most important advantages of using social media. A new paper will pass Turnitin without a hitch.

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Knowing how to write a marketing essay implies knowing how to choose among these examples in order to justify your point of view. Case Studies Case studies represent a good jumping point for you to understand how your topic might be relevant for both business leaders and market analysts.

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