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Journal of Applied Research and Technology

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❶This creates frustration and delays for the library patron and pressure on staff to try and locate the particular material. Direct material costs are costs that relate directly to students, for example, to cover your uniform, texts, tools, activities and NZQA charges.

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Journal of Applied Research and Technology

The experience by the nursing educators has added to Mask-Ed research, and provided a genesis for further studies. Click here to download the document. Ordinary meaning from extra-ordinary experience: Adventure therapy uses experiential learning within adventurous outdoor activities to facilitate therapeutic outcomes, generally with youth in mental health settings. Forms of an experiential learning cycle are commonly employed, with a strong focus on debriefing to ensure meaning is made from the experience and to enhance transfer of learning from the experience to everyday life.

Despite occupational therapists increasing profile in adventure therapy circles, there is little explanation of their work in this field in the literature, and the use of adventure therapy by occupational therapists has not been researched.

This paper describes the development and implementation of an autonomous library robot with the purpose of tracking the locations of books on the various shelves. Libraries nowadays provide a growing amount of digital services and resources, and continue to acquire large quantities of printed material. Often library users looking for a particular book cannot locate it due to either the fact that either the book is out or been misplaced. This creates frustration and delays for the library patron and pressure on staff to try and locate the particular material.

An autonomous library robot has been developed to reduce the location times by providing accurate updates of the items last location. The robot has a self-navigating system that uses a mobile platform. It is also equipped with a radio-frequency identification RFID tag reader located on a single movable arm that allows the scanning of books located on shelves at different heights.

The high level navigation, communications, and data processing are handled by a Raspberry Pi processor while the low level navigation and motor control was done using an Arduino processor.

This multilevel approach allows process optimization, with the prototype being successfully tested in the Dunedin Public Library. The detailed developments of the robot design and control systems are presented in this paper. This paper describes the development of a tool, called the cross-matrix, for evaluating active learning in the classroom. The aim of the tool is to improve teaching practice by creating a means of ensuring that a learning method applied in the classroom achieves the goals of learning.

Two important theories in education were integrated to produce the cross-matrix: The matrix contains evaluation criteria which are cross-elements of both. The combination of these components into one tool ensures that students are getting maximum benefit out of active learning and are developing a wider range of skills to enhance their work-readiness.

The cross-matrix was trialled in a series of learning activities implemented within WelTec Wellington Institute of Technology where the researcher is a lecturer. The findings of the study show that the cross-matrix provides insight into what a learner acquires from a learning method, pinpoints gaps in their learning experience and ensures that the method has a high degree of educational impact.

Math anxiety is a phenomenon that overshadows the lives of many individuals, evoking strong emotions in students, teachers and parents blocking academic progress, and leading to reduced career opportunity choices. Anxiety associated with mathematics is a persistent challenge to the teaching profession across many sectors and academic levels.

The rationale for this research is to better understand math anxiety by identifying key risk factors for math anxiety and appropriate strategies to reduce it. Results confirmed the highly complex multidimensional nature of math anxiety and the power that a single strategy could address multiple risk factors.

Mathematical content knowledge of teachers is a highly significant component of sector-wide strategies to deal with math anxiety. Teacher professional development, increased awareness of the power of informal methods of mathematical problem-solving and multiple approaches to mathematical problem solving is needed to support efforts to reduce math anxiety. PeerWise is an on-line repository of multiple choice questions that educators and students create, and share.

This study used manifest content analysis and the results suggested that PeerWise had provided opportunities for knowledge building and consolidating understanding. In recognition of these benefits, secondary schools have a well-established tradition of providing opportunities for students to engage in social and competitive sporting pursuits. However, recent nation-wide surveys have identified a decline in student participation in sport, and indeed, in physical activity behaviour overall.

To date, little research has been undertaken to probe this phenomenon; the survey reported in this paper offers a possible starting point for understanding the specific needs and preferences of students in order to enhance the delivery sport programmes within the school and the community.

This paper describes patterns of current sport engagement, motivators and barriers to participation in sport, and sporting preferences. Several recommendations for schools, sports programme providers and future researchers in this field are made. This special edition arose from the observation that there were a number of excellent small scale research projects being undertaken as part of the undergraduate degree curricula with findings that would be of interest to a wider community.

The purpose of this edition is to disseminate some of the research findings from eight studies across the disciplines of massage therapy, environmental management, and sport and exercise. This paper contextualises the experiences of advanced EAL learners investing and participating in assessed community placements. Community placements represent a pedagogical intervention effectively giving learners access to communities of practice in a meaningful, authentic, real-world context.

In the project, the journalised reflections of migrants and international students participating in a degree in EAL in New Zealand reveal the linguistic, cultural and ontological value of community work.

Student engagement in higher education can be conceptualised as involving three components: This paper reports on an investigation into student engagement in a first-year human development course at the University of Waikato at Tauranga, New Zealand where the teaching staff has a commitment to relating learning to individual experiences.

Information from an end-of-course survey indicates that a philosophy of personalisation promotes learning engagement. Students reported that they were required to think a lot or a great deal, that they put time into the course assessments, and that they valued the human development course itself. Research from around the globe indicates that preschool teachers have a positive impact on quality early childhood care and education for young children.

It is during these years that the platform for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development for dealing with the outside world is laid. Singapore preschools are already facing increasing difficulties in retaining qualified early childhood educators.

There is little research into the retention of preschool teachers in the Singapore early childhood industry. Hence, this paper proposes a theoretical model, based on a review of the more general literature, that identifies important effective performance management factors for teacher retention.

These include financial and non-financial rewards, employee feedback and training, and development of the employee. Massage therapy is among the many growing complementary and alternative medicine modalities within New Zealand. Educational standards are unregulated and qualifications include certificates, diplomas and more recently a three-year Bachelors Degree in Massage Therapy. The aim of this study was to determine the perceptions of the benefits and barriers to degree-based massage education.

The project used a qualitative approach with semi-structured interviews with three practicing, certificate or diploma qualified massage therapists. Perceived benefits of degree-based massage education were increased capability, research knowledge, job opportunities, and credibility. Participants identified four significant barriers to participating in further or higher education: The view that a massage degree was non-essential, and that being forced by their professional body to undertake a degree qualification would meet with strong resistance, needs to be addressed by education providers and members of the massage therapy community if the profession is to advance as a health care modality.

In many institutions in New Zealand from primary to tertiary level, the use of technology by both students and teachers to support learning and teaching is assumed. As well as giving a general overview of feedback from the English as a Second or Other Language ESOL students in the study, responses are analysed in relation to age, gender and nationality groups. Results suggest that general access for students is high, but that differences exist in relation to gender and nationality.

Such individual differences must always be considered by classroom teachers and accounted for as much as possible, as teachers continue to integrate technology use into their classroom practice.

This aspect of knowledge management has been hitherto largely neglected. This case study focuses on the strategy and implementation processes of a tertiary institution and the steps taken towards compliance. A single case study design was used. Pre-intervention and post-intervention measures were obtained in a high and low time trial riding position over a meter distance. Flexibility was measured with a sit and reach test.

The athlete was massaged twice a week using a hamstring and calf protocol over a period of six weeks. The athlete did not engage in hamstring, calf or low back stretching and trained in a normal road riding position for the duration of the intervention.

Quicker times were reported in the post massage intervention time trial tests of both high and low riding positions. The lower position with its improved aerodynamics was the fastest position in both pre and post massage intervention.

The sit and reach testing showed an overall increase in reach of 77 mm. Katulski Feature extraction of electrocardiogram signals by applying adaptive threshold and principal component analysis R. Automatic speech recognizers for Mexican Spanish and its open resources.

Comparison of regenerated bamboo and cotton performance in warm environment. Sorption of cyanide from aqueous medium by coffee husk: Most Cited Articles The most cited articles published since , extracted from Scopus. The Plum Print next to each article shows the relative activity in each of these categories of metrics: Captures, Mentions, Social Media and Citations.

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