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3 Wishes 5 Paragraph Essay using Writing Process

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❶There are plenty of wishes I would like to wish for, but visiting Osaka Japan is one of first one that I have in mind. Seven feet tall, she had no feet, and her body seemed to be made of smoke.

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What about your second? He nodded, watching as the smoke blended into nothingness, looking as though he were in deep thought. He gestured at me to go on. Because your heart and mind are too weary to care about material things. And you want the answer to the meaning of life because you feel as though your own bears no meaning.

Tears welled up in my eyes. So I finally sobbed, hot tears streaming down my face. He sounded absolutely insane, but really I was the crazy one for listening to him. I nodded, dragging my legs back. He looked at the cigarette between his fingers that had nearly entirely burnt out. Then he turned on his heels to walk away. I stood there for a while until a surge of new thoughts and feelings overcame me. I had the answer now, and a certainty I never possesesed before.

I went back to the edge of the bridge. This was well written and enjoyable. You have wonderfully illustrated the old saying, Be careful what you wish for. Very, very well done. That was engaging from the off. Very good use of the dialogue and an ending that filled it all with meaning. Its amber contents sloshed out its open mouth in three slow glugs until it came to rest, weighted in place by the remaining few ounces of fluid.

As I rocked my upper body closer, it rolled away teasing, nudged by a playful predawn breeze. I reached again , and this time my cold-numbed fingers found the sensation of hard glass and closed around it, my first small victorious act of the day. The effort, though, had its inevitable price. I lunged toward the seagull, and the tangled threads of my frayed bag closed around its foot like a coyote trap. Its eyes snapped at me, and its beak parried every move as I tried shoo it away.

Finally, I raised the bottle in a primal move to defeat my rival. I will grant you three wishes if you set me free. There was no one to confirm if this was really happening or if I was hallucinating. It had been my experience that it was usually best to go with the flow, either way, until I could tell the difference.

I lowered the bottle. I was an arrogant son of a bitch. And everyone was always telling me what I should do. Then they want it, too. Probably should be something about people. People are stinkers everywhere you go, rich or poor, young or old. And they turn their back on you and blame you for everything that goes wrong.

My second wish is for a true friend, just one true friend. Forget romance and beauty and all the other crap. The blue spot on its beak reflected the blue of the brightening sky. This was maybe the last wish I was ever gonna have. Maybe I should wish for something that I could see, something that would prove this was really happening.

Like a car, or a tricked out bike or something. And it was damned cold this morning. My toes felt like rocks pilled inside my shoes.

Three of my fingers were always purple these days and they hurt. Maybe if this was going to be my last wish, I should wish for something personal. I wish I was always warm enough. I want to still be free, but I want to be warm enough, so I can feel my toes, but not sweating. As soon as you let me go, your wishes will be granted.

He calmly bowed his head three times, and spread his wings. But before he lifted off, he snatched one more time at the sandwich and managed to grab it in his beak. He flew away with the stolen food, out over the water into the dawn. I opened my mouth to yell, but a screech of outrage came out. I took a few steps after him and found myself amazingly light, and the lightness filled me with exhilaration. I spread my arms wide like a kid, the aches and fuzzy head from the night before gone, replaced by a wonderful sensation of warmth and capability.

The wind lifted me and my body answered as if I had had wings all my life. I chased after the magic gull laughing through the air, leaving my once precious baggage scattered on the ground. I knew he had answered my wishes and added one thing more: I was free in a way I never dreamed of being free before. This was very poetic in a way. A freedom to fly, what a wonder. Your description of the MC is heart-breaking and yet the reader is thrilled for his chances. I waw afraid the seagull would leave him in the dust and not help but you turned it positive.

Can you imagine someone being so miserable, they would wish for warmth. What a great character that seagull was. I loved the concept of the wishes and the perfect solution. Jonathon Livingston Seagull has nothing on these two. I keep getting side-tracked by one of my other stories.

But I will work on the next part and e-mail to you guys as soon as I can. This story was a perfect blend of reality and magic. I liked how carefully your MC thought out his wishes. I wondered how the seagull was going to grant them. I fully expected something bad to happen to him. I really liked the solution.

This was just great. After I finished, I went back and reread the reasoning behind the wishes and found it so very wise. I have always loved to write. My favorite is with a blue medium pen, preferably a Bic. Those things that will turn most people off when they write always give me an inner peace and comfort. I love the red mark on my fingers where I grip the pen to hard. The thick buildup of ink on the roller ball that makes your writing splotchy gooey, the letters not as clean and perfect as it was when you started.

The slow ache in your wrist that makes the words harder to read the more you write. I dreamt of being a famous writer, being obscure enough to walk peacefully down the street but recognizable for people to wonder who you are. I recall my first advance. The words flowed out of my favorite blue Bic for that one, it was if it knew what to write and I was along for the ride. Made top 10, but not number a one bestseller. For my first novel, I was pleased, and so was the publisher. The next advance was huge with a contract for three novels.

Then my pen seamed to run out of ink and refused to write. Whatever I did write was rejected. After a year or so with no novel to show they wanted the advance back. That was long spent; I had no money and was sued by my publisher for breach of contract.

My wife left me, I lost the house and car, now my home is a dirty hotel in Westmont, LA. I looked up at her, there was a shimmering glow around her head and she seemed to be floating above me.

We walked out into the night, I could feel the wet grass on my feet as we made are way across the park. My legs felt week and wobbly, I suggested we sit on a park bench across the path.

I thought of all the things I would love to have, fortune, fame, money, cars, my wife back, peace on earth my dignity. Maybe a new life, I started to cry the tears slowly escaped my eyes. With a moment of clarity, my magic bottle was a bottle of Jack and my genie was a lady of the evening just trying to make a buck, the wishes she granted came with a price. I heaved the bottle across the park my feet were cold and wet because I lost my shoe some were back on third street. I stood up and made a vow right there.

What I need is to get myself back. Thank you, you helped me realize this is not where I want to be. I have been looking for a magic pen to get me free from myself.

No one can grant me wishes and make my life right. I brought me down this hole and I will get back out. I thought this was very tender, full of emotion, discovery and hope.

It certainly is inspiring to me. You really zinged this one, thejim. The descriptive journey across the wet grass was very realistic.

I consider an enactment of serious bodily harm on myself after squandering the second wish. The first wish was understandable. So I wished for the usual thing a young, virile man with only marginal success with women would wish for. Now the twelve inch tall pianist plays Chopin on his miniature baby grand in the corner.

So, getting to the second wish. All I did, I swear, was to think about how it would be nice if the genie looked like that. Now she calls me Master with bright blue eyes and a bouncy demeanor that is more than appealing.

I could have wished for riches or fame, but no, now I have a gorgeous genie with only one wish left. She even voiced her opinion on my poor implementation of proper wish management. The next day we walk along the banks of the river and she takes my arm. We walk and she takes the twelve inch pianist from her coat pocket and he stretches his tiny arms. John, this is monsterly funny. I kind of wxpected something but not the 12 inch piano mystro. I was a total football jock and was happy about it or as happy as one could be.

My parents wanted a nice Latina girl with whom they could speak Spanish. My mom never had a daughter and I knew she wanted an Hispanic daughter in law.

The whole situation was ridiculous. Practice was long and hot. The icy bottle of water I drank was heaven. That night the bed felt cold and uncomfortable. I longed for Rebecca to be there with me. The kids in my dorm were having a party and I got up and chugged a beer with them. I sat out front looking out at the campus green — it looked foreboding in the moonlit haze from the mixture of pre-dawn dew and muggy September air.

My calves ached from drills. My head hurt from doing basic math earlier, neglecting to eat and drinking a beer. Fog and unseen spirits pulled me up and projected me forward, not aggressively but coaxing, calling. The wind dared me to go to the barn. Muscles from push-ups and pull-ups flexed, I ripped it out and spewed the ugly, selfish wishes: I wish I was smart! I wish I was Jewish! I wish I had a million bucks!

I had sold out. The magical box disappeared, spirits poured into the heavens and my simple football-guy life changed forever. I had some typos and spacing issues because I typed my entry on my smartphone. He made a tough decision, that he will live with, but hopefully with Rebecca at his side. Grant me three wishes? That would be great but pessimism would surely get in the way. There is always a catch. You see if it was my debt then that leaves my husbands etc.

Three wishes are like being granted omnificent power. For this one moment in time I can do anything and the impact of it is on me too. There are effects to these things. Now wait, of course I do but this is a scary thing. Magic was done away with a long time ago. You are something totally different. This is a great opportunity. In that instance I guess it is a test, to see what you value. To see how greedy or selfless or whatever else you are. This is harder then I thought it would be. The worry of the whole thing is making me sick, just sick.

All I can think about is what do I pray for at night? No nuclear wars, ever. My family or, forgiveness for my everyday screw ups? But those wishes promises are already mine. I can give you all that and more. The roof and, windows? Your sex life back, or to be skinny again?

What about your mom, her pain. You could stop her pain. I can stop that, just say the words. No, go, just go. Stop tempting me, please.

Yes, yes He will, He does! You are no longer welcome. I pray with all my heart, I fight you with all my being! I accept whatever God gives or takes, GO! God gave me all I need, he died for me he gave me the ultimate wish. Jeeze this is the hardest thing. Help me, I give this to you. This story was awesome. Especially that whole paragraph where she firmly rejects him. And great last line. Just so you know. Of course I rubbed it. It looked interesting and might have had some food in it.

You never can tell. But then a person popped out! The genie looked at me with wide, blue eyes so like my own! So, I asked for her voice. Now, when I sing the competition weeps. Even the moon will pause, hovering on the cusp of dawn, to hear one more canto under the stars. Oh boy, you betcha I love it. They follow me everywhere like those cute baby ducklings gotta follow their mama. In love with me and helpless to do anything else. Yeah, just like that. The genie waved to get my attention.

Probably wanted to ask for my second wish. But I was having too much fun dancing and singing for the boys and scaring off any female that even thought about trying her luck. Eventually, I did get a tiny bit tired and flopped down next to her for a rest. So, I asked for her hair. I warbled a new tune as I minced down the street. Proud as proud could be.

Beauty, talent, what more could a girl want? You thought the boys liked me before? Look at me now! The genie appeared quite glum. I strutted and posed for the admiring crowds. I let them get close, closer. Then I jumped up and ran away before they could touch me. There was nothing, just nothing, that could top this. The genie stared silently as I danced along the shore of the lake. Those blue eyes opened and closed slowly. Like a semaphore telegraphing a question.

That would be perfect. I made my demand of the mute, wretched creature. She hung her head for a moment, as if praying, and then nodded. Next to me, the lake filled with stolen milk.

I heard someone say a nearby town was drowned, flooded out by wave after creamy lactose wave. People say a lot of things. Too many, if you ask me. None of which mattered as I squatted down, purring, and began lapping up all of that wonderful, wonderful milk. I have a laundry list of things I want, like more money, a flashy car, a smoking-hot woman. I hate living in the lower middle-class, working a nine-to-five, supporting a family, and always asking myself how things got this way.

But I can just see all the problems that would come from having what I want. She is very beautiful to see. She wears a blue glittering gown and a shining golden crown. Her hair is silver in colour and has small small snowflakes on it.

She has a lovely sister called Anna. Elsa has got a super power called ice power through which she can make others frozen. But she will use that power only if she is angry. But if I am becoming the Ice princess- Elsa I would like to use this Ice power to spread good things.

With that power I will make this world a peaceful place where all can live happily. I will change all evil things to good. My second wish is to be an astronaut. I want to fly in space. What can I wish for? The regular things a young ambitious male active in his studies would wish for. My first wish would be to get an amazing, fulfilling and motivating job after college.

I feel that I would fit into the environment of this company that is why it is my first wish to be working there. The second wish I came up with is the wish to obtain successful and high-class education. Currently, I am planning to start studying at the four-year college majoring in the finance.

I wish that I would be able to make the best out of my college years and when I finish my studies I will be able to come up with innovative ideas that might help to solve the problems put by financial crisis. I am certain that in four years when I graduate from college we will still experience the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Consequently I would like to be the person helping the world cope with the aftermath by means of my knowledge, motivation and financial feeling. My third wish is as follows, I wish that I will be able to combine the professional success with personal achievements. I am a person who values the family ties and who knows the importance of loving and being loved.

Thus, my third wish is to find a wonderful woman with whom I will be able to share my plans and abolitions.

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I think these three wishes would certainly change the world we live in and, as a result, make it a more interesting and kinder world. World peace is certainly a tremendous request, but it .

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Three Wishes essaysIs there anything a person would not do to have three wishes granted in this day and age? One might think that this decision would be easy, but have they really taken this subject into consideration? Think about it; one person has a set of goals their whole life; they long for a.

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I have three wishes that I want to come true. These three wishes are wishing that I wouldn't get made fun of, wishing that Sean C. would be here today, and wishing that my brother would come around again.3/5(2). Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on My Three Wishes for You! My first wish would be to get an amazing, fulfilling and motivating job after college. The company I am wishing to work at is JP Morgan that is the world’s leading provider of financial services (JP Morgan’s Website).

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