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Childhood Obesity in US

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❶Childhood obesity is a disorder where a child has too much unnecessary fat. The Food Guide Pyramid is an important tool when balancing a healthy diet; it shows an appropriate number of servings of each food category that should be consumed each day.

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Emotional problems are another result of childhood obesity. In most cases, children who suffer from obesity have a low self-esteem, or are often depressed.

Bullies often target overweight or obese children. Bullying and social emphasis on appearance can result in the low self-esteem of an obese child Mayo Foundation. This can also lead to a serious case of depression. A depressed child could act in one of two ways. He or she may lose interest in activities, sleep more often, or cry a lot. Another reaction of a depressed child may be the concealment of his or her sadness so that he or she appears to be emotionally flat and apathetic.

As mentioned before, bullying is often directed at children who are overweight or obese. Other problems like social withdrawal or disrupting class time can arise as well. Obesity in children can cause individuals to have trouble developing social skills. These children are insecure about their outward appearance, which can make school difficult for them.

Obese children that suffer from stress and anxiety usually have trouble learning; so school-related anxiety can cause ever-declining academic performance Mayo Foundation. This results in a poor academic outlook for a child. Prevention of childhood obesity can be obtained through only a few steps; however, these steps must be followed closely in order to maintain a healthy life.

A healthy diet is important in the process of preventing childhood obesity, along with an appropriate caloric intake. The easiest way to prevent obesity is by reducing caloric intake, not discontinue eating some foods completely. Diets that forbid favorite foods are not likely to be successful AHA. Avoid using food as a reward or a punishment Mayo Foundation. When parents reward their children with sugary foods cake, candy, ice cream, etc.

The Food Guide Pyramid is an important tool when balancing a healthy diet; it shows an appropriate number of servings of each food category that should be consumed each day. It is important for children to be familiar with nutritional tools like the Food Guide Pyramid in order to realize the importance of a healthy diet. Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

A meal plan and good food choices are also extremely beneficial in the course of eating healthy. Exercise is a vital step in the prevention of childhood obesity. To make exercise a fun activity instead of a chore for children, parents are encouraged to exercise with their kids. Making exercise an enjoyable activity can be as simple as throwing a ball in the back yard, or playing hopscotch in the driveway.

By exercising as a family, a child has more incentive to be active. The amount of time spent watching television or using the computer should be limited to fewer than 2 hours each day Mayo Foundation. By limiting the time spent sitting at the computer and lounging on the couch while watching television, it is easier to control the amount of snacking that takes place, and increase the likelihood that the child will exercise rather than sitting inactively at a computer or TV.

Prevention of childhood obesity is simple and necessary. It is extremely important for parents and children to know how to prevent childhood obesity before it is too late. Childhood obesity is a serious dilemma, and unfortunately it is common in the United States. The percentage of obesity in children ages 6—11 increased from 4. This dramatic increase over the past years is truly devastating, and puts the future of American children at an extreme risk.

The causes and effects of childhood obesity are detrimental, but there are ways to prevent the extent of this epidemic from growing. Simply by eating a balance of healthy foods and exercising daily, a child can reduce his or her risk of becoming obese.

These steps must be taken to prevent obesity, or else the percentages will rise, continuing to endanger the health of children in the United States. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

A Weighty Issue for Children. American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry. Hilton Head Regional Medical Center. Childhood obesity is not just hitting us in America. Australia and other countries are having issues as well. It all begins with education. The parents need to be engaged in a healthy lifestyle. You really make it appear really easy with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be really something that I believe I might never understand.

It kind of feels too complex and very extensive for me. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. There are daily media reporting on obesity in Los Angeles county and nationwide.

Health experts utilize mass media to provide information, training and encouragement to the need to live healthy lifestyle in other to eradicate obesity. Undoubtedly, the greater concern is on the vulnerable school age children.

In one annual report from by Los Angeles County LAC Department of Public Health , the researchers found that childhood obesity is both a national and local crises. The physiological and mental impact on children is enormous.

For example, children are among the most vulnerable population to suffer the effect of obesity such as low self-esteem, depression, to develop diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other chronic conditions such as asthma, orthopedic problems, liver problems, and breathing problems during sleep due obesity. In addition, another source also remarked that childhood obesity is for the most part troubling because the extra calories often expose the children to health problems that were once confined to adults Mayoclinic.

This paper will not only define and describe epidemiology, but will also discuss the following; steps and methods of epidemiology, epidemiological triangle, type of epidemiology used, as well as description of the relationship of the disease to various levels of prevention, as related to childhood obesity.

In the past, the term epidemiology is used to refer to the spread of diseases that were primarily infectious in origin, but now its definition and scope have. Epidemiology can therefore be defined as study of patterns of disease and illness in human populations and application use of this study to control health problems Association of Schools of Public Health [ASPH], It is also known as the science of public health because it studies the distribution of health related s states and illnesses and associated factors at the population level.

The study can be effectively used to control and manage diseases that affect the overall population. A variety of methods can be used to carry out epidemiological investigations: Such methods as surveillance and descriptive studies can be used to study distribution.

While analytical studies are used to analyze determinants. The two main methods that can be used to carry out epidemiological research are descriptive studies and analytical studies. A descriptive study describes characteristics of group of people who suffer or does not suffer certain illnesses, and also revealing those who are at risk of developing the illness.

Conversely, analytical epidemiology focuses on the determinant of health problems, and tends to establish why and how the conditions occur. Epidemiological studies can be used in various ways such as conducting studies of health related behaviors; investigation of relationships between social conditions and vulnerability with chronic conditions, infections, and violence; and of course, examination and researching of health services.

In one of the studies, the incidence of childhood was determined by means of body mass index BMI measures of fifth, seventh, and ninth grader public school children LAC Department of Public Health, The study also considered definition of cities and communities within Los Angeles County. The researchers found that the rate of obesity in school age children have continued to rise steadily.

According to the report, Los Angeles County has seen an alarming steady increase in the percentage of the children in the fifth, seventh, and ninth graders who are obese-from Percent in to The prevalence of school obesity in the county is noted as follows: Although there is evidence that the figures have stabilized in the past two years, the percentage of children who are obese is still unacceptably high at Another study also revealed that the prevalence of obesity in children varied significantly among cities and communities — from a low 4 percent in Manhattan Beach to a high 37 percent in Maywood, which was attributed to economic hardship LAC Department of Public Health, Information on birth, death, medical and health records are not available The epidemiological triangle is a model used by scientist to develop studies about health problems, the triangle allows for investigation and understanding of diseases and how they are spread.

The general belief that health status is multi factorial gives us the chance to apply scientific methods in a variety of circumstances. There are three corners in the triangle and they are comprises of the host, the agent and the environment.

The carrier or human body that harbors the diseases is known as the host. The host can be influenced by many factors like age, gender, race and behavior. Any factor whether physical, chemical, or biological in nature, whose presence or relative absence is necessary in the occurrence of a disease process is the agent.

The aggregate of all external conditions and influences affecting life and development in this case is known as the environment. This includes physical, biological, and socio-cultural factors that causes or partake in disease transmission.

Relative to childhood obesity, children between the age of six and fifteen years of age represents the host while the excessive calories intake from foods and beverages represents the agent.

The environment may include genetic make-up, cultures, health belief, poor economic condition, lack of access to parks and green spaces, unsafe neighborhood and routes to school, and lack of availability of healthy food — just to mention these few.

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Exercise and Childhood Obesity Obesity is an epidemic growing at alarming rates, not only in the United States, but also all over the world. There are many possible causes for childhood obesity but 99% of the time the problem is inactivity/5(13).

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Childhood obesity is a major concern for parents, teachers, and the medical community with differing philosophies and theories on causes and prevention. Inactivity, genetics, technology and parenting attitudes and beliefs are .

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Treatment of childhood obesity is not possible as a single dose. However, the most effective treatment programs involve dietary and behavioral changes. Conclusion Child obesity is a common problem in today’s society due to behavioral and dietary changes. [tags: Childhood Obesity] Free Essays words | (7 pages) | Preview. The Prevention and Management of Children Obesity in Schools - Obesity rates among children and adolescents have more than doubled in the last three decades. In a national survey conducted in , 16% of adolescents aged 12 to 19 and 15% of children .

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The increasing percentage of youth that have been experiencing nutritional issues particularly obesity is being discussed by many. Hence, the causes and effects seem to be unknown to some. However, there are various solutions which can help to mitigate these challenges. Type 2 can usually be reversed with healthy eating and exercise. Asthma can also become a problem as a child's weight can interfere with the growth of the lungs. A long term effect of childhood obesity is that it can last into adulthood. Heart attacks and strokes can also become a risk if nothing was done to reverse the obesity.