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❶Fine, Coastal Carolina University.

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Chaneta, University of Zimbabwe. Brand name strategies at universities: The Church of Mac: Brosdahl, University of South Carolina. Doss, Florida Institute of Technology. An evaluation of the effectiveness of performance management systems on service delivery in the Zimbabwean civil service , P. Volume 13 - May, Naumann, University of the Pacific. The rise and fall of virtual reality retailing in Second Life: Bozos, yoyos, bimbos, and heroes: The role of focus and competence in defining change agent styles , W.

Risk perception and internet shopping: Yahr, Robert Morris University. Study on banner advertisement type and shape effect on click-through-rate and conversion , Eetu Kuneinen, Bangkok University. Pitching a fit with the sound of music in a sponsor development plan for a nonprofit community concert association , Carmen C. Volume 12 - February, Temporal aspects of job mobility: Curiosity as a moderator of explanation effects on counterproductive outcomes , John C.

Consumers and credit cards: A review of the empirical literature , Phylis M. Robb, University of Alabama. Conceptualization of perceived value pricing in strategic marketing , Nagasimha Balakrishna Kanagal, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

The age wave crests during economic crisis: Dynamic capabilities or positioning? Ability to differentiate and its impact on employment interview decision-making , Sharon L. Segrest University of South Florida St. Trocchia, University of South Florida St. Volume 11 - September, Alsaaty, Bowie State University.

How small businesses master the art of competition through superior competitive advantage , Martin S. Leadership decision-making utilizing a strategic focus to enhance global achievement , Scott Ballantyne, Alvernia University. Rentfro, University of Tampa; James M. Attitudes of Hispanic versus Caucasian parents towards booster seat usage , M.

A conceptual model of reference price formation for consumer services , J. Its use in recruitment and retention ; Jamye E. Long, Delta State University. Barry Dickinson, Holy Family University. Detecting moderator effects on construct relationships in empirical sales research: Volume 10 - May, What is the right supply chain for your bundle? Theorization of the open source software phenomenon: Institutional profile, absorptive capacity and internalization of international joint venture foreign parent organizational practices in the African context , Olumide Ijose, Governors State University.

Is a sense of win-win in seller-buyer relationships related to perceived predation? Expanding direction-of-comparison theory and its applications for political advertising practitioners , Paul W. Fine, Coastal Carolina University. The Reading Motives Scale: Cooper, University of Texas at Austin.

Core qualities of successful marketing relationships , Kaylene C. Williams, California State University, Stanislaus. Volume 9 - March, Secrest, Coastal Carolina University. The role of public intellectuals in shaping economic development policy debates , Terry W. Gale Blalock, University of Evansville. An investigation of motivation and collaborative engagement , Deborah A. Determining employment relationships under federal and state law: Consideration set of automobiles: Ratchford, University of Texas at Dallas.

Beyond e-commerce retail consumer attitudes and behavioral intentions , C. Butler, Alvernia University; Beth A. Online bookstore - A new trend in textbook sales management for services marketing , Prathamesh Muzumdar, The University of Texas at Arlington. The value proposition of small businesses: Volume 8 - September, Modeling the effects of new venture strategy on the environment , Lindle Hatton, California State University Sacramento.

A normative view of the role of middle management in the implementation of strategic change , Rosalie Kuyvenhoven, Turner Consulting; W. The Role of authenticity in relationship marketing , J.

The effects of nonprofit organization-specific factors on governmental support to nonprofit organizations , Nicholas Marudas, Auburn Montgomery; Fred Jacobs, Auburn Montgomery. Brand equity, marketing strategy, and consumer income: Special event management and event marketing: The Wheel of Retailing revisited: A research agenda for investigating the effectiveness of branding in virtual reality , Julie M.

Pharr, Tennessee Tech University. Economic performances of U. Jae Moon, Yonsei University. Consumer attitudes and perceptions concerning active adult communities: Jones, The University of Texas at Brownsville. Volume 7 - April, A mediating influence on customer loyalty: Manufacturing firms and hyperinflation- survival options: The transference of brand attitude: Global Journal of Management and Business is an international journal for publishing management research papers.

It aims to encourage and provide international publication to researchers, scientists, and engineers. We welcome original research, articles, surveys, and review papers from all over the world. Global Journal of Management and Business GJMBR , has been an academic open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, refereed journal focusing on all aspects of Management research published by Global Journals, which is one of the fastest growing and leading Research Journal publishing organization in the world.

We drive innovation within the open knowledge community by collaborating with top universities and other research institutions worldwide. Global Journls has published journals, articles, books, and reports in all major domains, includeing science, business, medicine, the humanities, and technology.

Global Journals works in collaboration with many universities and other research institutions from all around the globe knowledge-sharing purposes. Our dedicated progressive platforms that keep on innovating every day help researchers to work toghether by sharing scientific knowledge. We also collaborate, partner or sponsor with a view to provide our professional guidance and expertise to conduct in standard way.

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Journal of Management Research is an online journal, peer-reviewed and published by Macrothink Institute. The journal publishes papers in business, management, marketing, finance, organizational development, corporation administration, human resource management and relevant subjects.

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Journal of Management (JOM) peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles that have a high impact on the management field as a whole.

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Professor Dr. Nadir Ali Kolachi, Professor of Management & HRD, Skyline University, University City of Sharjah, UAE Dr. Kashan Pirzada*, CEO & Founder, Global Academy of Training & Research (GATR Enterprise), Malaysia. The Management Accounting Section shall strive to stimulate and improve the teaching, researching and practice of accounting that assists in the effective and efficient management of entities.

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The most cited papers from this title published in the last 3 years. Statistics are updated weekly using participating publisher data sourced exclusively from Crossref. Global Journal of Management and Business is an international journal for publishing management research papers. It aims to encourage and provide international publication to researchers, scientists, and engineers.