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Interesting Literature

or What You Can Learn from Other Writers • by William Cane

❶What happened during the Boston Massacre? What are inductive and deductive arguments?

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Don’t be an oxymoron. Know your literary terms.
What are characteristics of Modernist literature, fiction in particular?

If you do, feel free to send me your thoughts. William Faulkner at work. My new book Write Like the Masters: Emulating the Best of Hemingway, Salinger, Faulkner and Others explains how to learn from the greatest writers of the past two hundred years.

The advice is based on time-tested rhetorical principles and allows readers to jumpstart their writing careers by learning how to absorb the best of the best. The greatest writers all learned these techniques, but imitation was phased out of American education in the 's so you were probably denied any exposure to this proven learning tool. Once you learn to imitate the way Shakespeare, Melville, and Dickens did, you too will reap the rewards and will find writing a new joy.

The most important thing you can do to further your writing career is to write a solid book proposal. Can it be true? The height of craft! How to Get Published Inside advice from a publishing veteran. How to Write a Book Proposal Don't sell the book, sell the proposal. How to Query a Literary Agent You must do this correctly. Crafty A style that uses all the tricks of the trade. Lyric is prose you'll want to read out loud. Boffo makes your nerves sing! Romantic is more than love, it's mystery too!

Spare is just that. Irresistible writing hooks readers. Crafty stories are technical masterpieces. Tom Wolfe, Chandler Burr. Modernism in Literature is not a chronological designation; rather it consists of literary work possessing certain loosely defined characteristics.

The following are characteristics of Modernism:. The horrors of World War I , with its accompanying atrocities and senselessness became the catalyst for the Modernist movement in literature and art. Modernist authors felt betrayed by the war, believing the institutions in which they were taught to believe had led the civilized world into a bloody conflict.

They no longer considered these institutions as reliable means to access the meaning of life, and therefore turned within themselves to discover the answers. Their antipathy towards traditional institutions found its way into their writing, not just in content, but in form.

Popular British Modernists include the following:. For writers like Hemingway and Fitzgerald, World War I destroyed the illusion that acting virtuously brought about good. Like their British contemporaries, American Modernists rejected traditional institutions and forms. Make a chart to identify aspects of modernism.

In the left column list the characteristics of modernism; in the middle column find specific passages; in the right column write an analysis of the passage. The following are characteristics of Modernism: Marked by a strong and intentional break with tradition.

This break includes a strong reaction against established religious, political, and social views. Belief that the world is created in the act of perceiving it; that is, the world is what we say it is.

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Modernist literature was a predominantly English genre of fiction writing, popular from roughly the s into the s. Modernist literature came into its own What are characteristics of Modernist literature, fiction in particular?

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British & Irish Modernism. The horrors of World War I (), with its accompanying atrocities and senselessness became the catalyst for the Modernist movement in literature and art.

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Video: Overview of Literary Modernism: Authors, Context, and Style This video provides an introduction to the literary movement known as Modernism. Encompassing such writers as James Joyce, T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf, Modernism developed out of a sense that the art forms of the late nineteenth-century were inadequate to describe the condition of Europe after World War I. Aug 14,  · "House" means the organisation you work for, as in "House Rules". So every organisation will have its own style of doing things, and its own style of writing. For example, an advertising agency will have a much more informal and modern style than a Government Resolved.

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Of course all of these stylistic qualities make modernist literature notoriously difficult. Spend an hour reading Absalom, Absalom! and you'll see what we mean. But before you go thinking that literary Modernism was all style and no substance, we should tell you that it has some major ideas at work, too. Modernism, as a literary style, emerged after WWI, beginning in Europe and then progressing into American literature by the late s. After the First World War many people questioned the chaos and the insanity of it all.