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Essay on Religion and Morality

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❶Program Links Program Reviews. Religionism, on the contrary, entrenches itself in some narrow pietistic exaltation of the lower members or lays exclusive stress on intellectual dogmas, forms and ceremonies, on some fixed and rigid moral code, on some religion- political or religion-social system.

A theonomous link can also be made, where morality and religion depend on one source for example, in Western cultures God who is the fundamental designer of what is moral. The Natural Law theory developed by Aquinas is considered theonomous, in which an uncaused cause is the creative source for all. We can access God directly in this theory by fulfilling our purposes in life set by Him at our creation. If nothing was commanded or forbidden by God then there would be no wrong or right and arguably, there would be chaos.

The DCT can be seen to provide a strong foundation for a stable necessary morality to be built upon as well as personal reasons to abide by it. For example, taken from the views of Kant although not directly aimed at the DCT the belief in the existence of an afterlife gives us incentive to live a moral life, which we otherwise may not be able to force ourselves to do. The presence of such an afterlife, and the fear of punishment make it rational According to William Craig to go against your own self-interest for the benefit of others, as self-sacrificial acts are looked upon well by God.

They do however fit into a theistic universe where they were created by a moral creator i. This is supported by philosophers such as John Newman who states that feelings of responsibility and guilt point to God, and by D. I Trethowan, who suggests that an awareness of obligation is an awareness of God.

Aii Morality as independent from Religion A belief in morality as being totally independant from God is an autonomous belief, and there are many arguments in compliance with Autonomy, very much to do with the idea of free-will. James Rachels concludes that no being like God can exist who requires us to abandon our moral autonomy is worth worshipping. There are theories in concurrence with Autonomy which allow still for a good, firm morality without dependency on religion such as Utilitarianism greatest good for greatest number so it can be said that religion is unnecessary There are many autonomous arguments against the DCT, beginning with the fact that God himself is not bound by any moral law.

This worrying problem was recognized by philosophers such as G. Another difficulty with the DCT lies in the many different interpretations which can be drawn from God. This conscience would be said to be a direct result of God and religion providing the human race with the ability to feel guilt and responsibility.

Newman also agrees that such feelings, so often associated with religion point to God, therefore morality and religion should be interdependent. In addition to this, there have been numerous examples of morality ensuing from religion, largely due to its moral absolutes. The abolition of slavery in the UK for an example was largely due to pressure from Christian groups, who had strong moral convictions, and fought for what they believed was moral.

The argument against morality being dependant on religion, immediately refutes the notion that it is principally God and Religion which In six pages this paper discusses how morality principles are thematically represented in the speeches of Maria Stewart.

In six pages this research paper defines morality within the context of Kant's philosophy and also considers supreme morality's va IQ and has long been a widely used method, particularly with regard to gifted or educationally-challenged children. This essay considers how public policy is affected by religion, morality and worldview. Three pages in length, four sources are ci Interestingly, about five years after the writing of this piece the French would take the heads Characteristic of humanitys constant quest for the concept of Gods existence and the problem of evil, the journey of understanding And that does matter.

I urge you to begin looking within. The next time you volunteer, ask yourself, Am I doing this because I want to make the world a better place, or because I want to save my soul? I believe religion and morality are separate.

Being strong in one does not make you strong in the other. We must be good for the sake of being good. We must help others for the sake of helping others. If we do not, then our actions mean nothing. I have never set fire to an orphanage — because it is wrong to set fire to an orphanage.

I do not need the Bible to tell me that. Now faith, in the sense in which I am here using the word, is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.

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Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. More by this author Follow RustinN. I like this 0. The Good, The Bad, and the Godly. The Lamb of God. What it means, to "Jew". This article has 12 comments. Email me when someone replies. The truth is, morals are not needed.

Morals are based on the beliefs of the individual person. But most people are conscious of their own morals and feel obligated to do them simply because they believe it is the right thing to do.

In other words, most people feel guilty when they do something wrong. Lastly, people are more likely to do the right thing in fear of prison rather than a debatable afterlife. Without God there is no reason for morals because you are implying there is no God there is no heaven and when you die you die. So why would you need morals if you are just going to die and be forgotton.

God gives a reason to live and a reason to do good. What is your reason? God gave us morality so that our lives will be filled with love and not "survival of the fittest," or whatever crap applies to animals, but not US.

Just my opinion, and I respect yours: Not all religious people help other human beings for fear of punsihment! Certainly not the people I know. As for the Leviticus, you also hacve to take the history into context; for example, the first several chapters are about sacrifices. Do we make those anymore? No; thence they are irrelevant. A piece from the Catechism says "Deep within his conscience man discovers a law which he has not laid upon himself but which he must obey.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Religion and Morality! ADVERTISEMENTS: Religion and morality go together. Religion and morality are closely connected with each other. What is good is also willed by God. The fulfillment of God’s will and the performance of moral action, therefore, are .

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Therefore, religion and morality are certainly different. One relies on personal attitudes in regards to different variations of behavior, for example, killing, lying, and cheating. Religion on the other hand, relies on the prayer and worship.

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Actually, to know the relationship between religion and morality, we need to define each. First of all, morality has three principal definitions. At the first one, morality is the belief concerning what is moral and what is immoral that means also what is right and what is wrong. RELIGION AND MORALITY (i)Examine the views of scholars concerning the idea that religion and morality are linked. In this essay I am going to be looking at all the different view points on why some people may think religion and morality are linked.

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Essay Religion and Morality in Hamlet. Benny Woo 10/27/10 Religion and Morality in Hamlet In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the Danish prince sets out to avenge his father’s assassination at the hands of his uncle Claudius, the new king. Public Policy and Religion, Morality, Worldview. This essay considers how public policy is affected by religion, morality and worldview. Three pages in length, four sources are ci Morality and Religion According to Immanuel Kant. what no republic may dare" ().