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5 Netflix Shows to Watch While Studying

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❶With lessons delivered by male and female native speakers, the interactive presentation also includes useful quizzes to help keep you on track.

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Also covered are avoiding the twin traps of run-on sentences and fragments. Short lessons are ideal for studying alone or with a group in preparation for the SAT or other standardized tests. The Ultimate Physics Tutor Synopsis Using example problems as a hands-on tool, this physics tutorial offers 11 hours of lectures and walkthroughs of fundamental physics concepts.

The approach of this homework and test-taking video helper is to carefully work through detailed example problems, covering such essential physics topics as velocity; equations of motion; projectile motion; Newton's laws; momentum and impulse; density and pressure; kinetic energy; and more. Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 and More Synopsis Three kid-friendly stories impart important lessons in the realm of numbers and counting. In "Chicka Chicka ," numbers one through climb an apple tree and do battle with meddlesome bumblebees -- but which number will save the day?

Then, in "How Much Is a Million? Introduction to Fractions Synopsis Take the mystery out of fractions with this introductory lesson from professor Murray Siegel. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the basics, such as simplifying, reducing, writing mixed numbers as improper fractions, equivalents and more. Plus, Siegel explains each part of the fraction in clear language, making it easy to learn this important aspect of mathematics.

Learning French, The Basics French Part I , this video further explores the wonderful intricacies of learning French as it covers more difficult concepts such as articles, idioms, past tense, demonstrative adjectives and more.

This second installment is recommended for students already familiar with the French alphabet and pronunciation. Designed for beginners as well as those looking for a refresher course, the engaging lesson covers grammar, vocabulary, definite and indefinite articles, conjugating verbs and much more.

The Evolution Synopsis Educator Monica Neagoy takes the mystery out of algebra with explicit examples of how it applies to everyday life. Using easy-to-follow anecdotes, she leads students step by step through important algebraic concepts such as sets of natural and whole numbers, rational and real numbers, and integers. Neagoy, a leading mathematics professor and pioneer in education consulting, makes learning the basics fun. Spanish for Travelers Synopsis This easy-to-follow video tutorial can help anyone learn basic Spanish -- including typical greetings, how to navigate common tourist situations and simple grammar -- and also offers an introduction to the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

There's no better way to study a country than to learn the language, and this course is designed with travelers in mind, with tips on popular destinations supplementing the grammar and vocabulary lessons. We learn that the bard had to hone his craft after penning "Titus" and that "Hamlet" explores the philosophy of revenge. What makes Romeo and Juliet tragic figures and what's going on among that play's secondary character?

The Standard Deviants Synopsis This installment of the Standard Deviants series, written by a team of university professors, expands on the concepts of pre-algebra in a quick no-nonsense style that lets you pause and rewind until you master the lesson. Topics include basic linear equations, checking solutions, absolute value equations, graphing basics, quadrants, plotting points, graphing linear equations, boundary lines and area of intersection.

Multiplication and Division Synopsis Master fundamental multiplication and division, learn the meaning and usage of word multiplication, and discover the ability to multiply using the lattice method with this dynamic program from renowned math professor Murray Siegel. Through simple exercises, students will learn the logical process of multiplication, acquire the ability to make valid estimates for problems and obtain the capacity to explain division.

Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons Synopsis Instructors Larry and Sharon Solow offer four more signing lessons, on topics including colors, sports, family and more. After reviewing the previous lessons, the Solows continue to deepen viewers' understanding of this rich and useful language. In this volume of the award-winning series, the couple also touches on different technological devices that can aid deaf families in their homes, such as light-up doorbell signals. Using a combination of text and imagery, Rocketbooks serve as a study companion for students at junior high school level and above.

Engaging quizzes and in-depth analysis reinforce comprehension of the novel about the idealistic Nick Carraway, who becomes captivated by the gregarious Jay Gatsby and his Roaring '20s lifestyle. Addition and Subtraction Synopsis Mathematician Murray Siegel leads you through a logical explanation of the building blocks of math: A leader in public school mathematics, Siegel has also spent much of his life devoted to adult education.

His videos help students overcome the fears and anxiety that can surround mathematical concepts. Lesson 3 Synopsis Take the mystery out of algebra with this unique lesson from noted mathematician Dr. Using examples from history and mythology, Neagoy presents real-world applications to illustrate concepts from this important branch of mathematics.

Lessons cover variables, symbols, constants and functions, and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide monomials. English Punctuation 2 Synopsis Punctuation is often regarded as unimportant, but in fact, it holds great value in every single sentence. This sequel to the original English Punctuation provides an in-depth look at some of the more problematic types of punctuation, including the frequently misunderstood hyphen and apostrophe.

Also featured are the correct uses for parentheses, brackets, slashes, ellipses, contractions and more. Motivation Breakthrough Synopsis Experienced educator Richard Lavoie shares effective techniques that can help teachers and parents turn kids into motivated achievers. In this instructional program, Lavoie debunks common myths about motivation, identifies six motivational styles and presents strategies to help any type of learner succeed.

Children who are excited about learning are those who will get the most out of their education and thrive both in and out of the classroom. Spelling Synopsis Using easy-to-follow visual aids and simple practice exercises, this entry from the multipart English Grammar series teaches viewers the rules of spelling and how to recognize exceptions as well as the principles of proper capitalization.

Whether you're new to English or you're just looking to brush up on your language skills, this effective instructional program is the one for you. English as a Second Language Synopsis Start mastering the English language with this tutorial, which offers basic lessons on reading, pronunciation and conversational skills. This effective tool emphasizes pronunciation by having viewers repeat words and sounds spoken by a narrator.

By completing and understanding these lessons, motivated students will greatly improve their language skills and soon start speaking English with confidence. Spanish Synopsis Beginner-to-intermediate students of Spanish will find this interactive program invaluable in learning key phrases and idioms useful in everyday situations, such as greeting others, ordering in restaurants and speaking on the telephone.

A series of self-quizzes help you test your comprehension, and lessons by native speakers ensure that you'll quickly advance your knowledge of this unique language spoken by million people worldwide.

The 1st-7th Grade Math Tutor Synopsis Using example problems as a hands-on tool, this basic math tutorial offers seven hours of easy-to-understand explanations of fundamental math concepts. The approach of this homework and test-taking video helper is to eliminate boring lectures and to carefully work through detailed example problems, so even those with no math skills can follow along.

Essential math topics are covered, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. French Synopsis Join native French speakers in this fun and interactive program designed for beginning to intermediate students who want to focus on additional vocabulary to use in real-world situations, such as talking on the telephone or in business settings. Quizzes of varying difficulty help you test your comprehension, and an engaging approach keeps you motivated as you increase your knowledge of this language spoken by 75 million people across the globe.

French Synopsis Learn the basic French you need to communicate with this easy-to-use interactive language program designed for beginners. More than new words and phrases, on topics ranging from computers and technology to sports and travel, are delivered by native speakers to ensure proper pronunciation. Along the way, use the quiz feature to test your progress.

Energy Synopsis Learn all about energy with this fun and effective instructional program led by lab coat-wearing teacher Dr.

Science, who covers the fundamentals of energy and its various forms in this third volume of the educational series. Geared toward helping teachers introduce and explain scientific principles in an entertaining format, the informative Understanding Science series turns learning into an enjoyable experience. Algebra 2 Synopsis Return to the educational exploits of Idaho Bones and Boise as they build on the algebra concepts introduced in the first volume.

This video includes discussions of quadratic equations, factoring, imaginary numbers, higher order polynomials and more concepts sure to help stoke your mathematics groove. German Synopsis Native male and female speakers are your guides to everyday phrases and idioms in this unique interactive program designed to bring beginning students of German to the threshold of intermediate-level study.

From business settings to talking on the telephone to greeting people on the street, the course will help you advance beyond the basics of this language spoken by some million people across the planet.

Passing the Written DMV Test Synopsis If you'll be taking the Department of Motor Vehicles' written exam soon, this informative, easy-to-follow tutorial is your ticket to acing the test. The video condenses several days of tedious reading into a colorful minute presentation.

After viewing the main program, aspiring drivers can use the menu to select individual states and check out the handful of differences in driving laws among the 50 states. Fundamental Geometric Concepts Synopsis Award-winning math teacher Jim Noggle helps demystify the essentials of geometry with this informative, well-organized educational video.

Using a blackboard and flip charts, along with physical models of geometric objects, Noggle teaches students how to introduce and use the undefined terms, lines and planes; how to understand basic terminology of various expressions; and how to establish a linear system of measurement. Lessons Synopsis After sitting through the next round of lessons in this award-winning sign language series, students will be able to communicate about topics such as going to the beauty parlor and going on vacation.

American Sign Language instructors Sharon Neumann and Larry Solow continue their quest to teach basic skills, vocabulary and finger spelling, but also pause to review some of the more advanced lessons taught in previous episodes. Color and Light Synopsis Intended to help students get a firm grasp on the elemental principles and concepts of science, this Telly Award-winning series uses eye-popping graphics and engaging live action segments to make learning fun.

Verbs Synopsis Using easy-to-follow visual aids and simple practice exercises, this entry in the multipart ESL Grammar series includes lessons on the six essential verb tenses, the tenses of irregular verbs and the proper usage of the subjunctive mood.

Designed for students from middle school to adult level, this informative series is geared toward people who are learning English as a second language. Siddhartha Synopsis Harish Bhimani delivers a vivid, dramatized reading of Hermann Hesse's classic novel, which follows the story of a young Hindu prince, Siddhartha, who abandons his life of luxury in order to seek the meaning of existence and spiritual enlightenment.

This program displays the novel's text on screen so viewers can read along with the narration, and colorful illustrations add another dimension to the story. Problem-Solving Techniques Synopsis This edition of the educational video series will teach you techniques designed to help you through nonstandard mathematical problems by using charts to simplify them.

Instead of having you commit a specific algorithm or formula to memory to solve every kind of problem, the program illustrates a method that can be used as a starting point for working out an assortment of problems. Fractions, Decimals and Percents Synopsis Learn the basics of fractions, decimals, and percents with this complete, easy-to-follow educational video course which covers how to write a fraction as a decimal, a decimal as a fraction, a decimal as a percent, or a percent as a decimal.

Learning fractions, decimals, and percents has never been so easy! Japanese Synopsis Designed for students who've mastered the basics of Japanese but who want a transitional step before tackling intermediate-level courses, this program teaches common words and phrases used in everyday life.

With lessons delivered by male and female native speakers, the interactive presentation also includes useful quizzes to help keep you on track. This educational film explores the country's best-known active and dormant volcanoes. The lessons here describe the inner workings of volcanoes; explain the geological forces that create these impressive but dangerous peaks; and define the different types of volcanoes.

Dividing Fractions Synopsis Learn the basics of dividing fractions and get an overview of fractions in general with this complete, easy-to-follow educational video course which covers how to explain a reciprocal and give examples , why zero does not have a reciprocal, how to divide fractions and mixed numbers, and more.

Learning math has never been so easy! The Tragic Pair Synopsis Noted Shakespearean scholars Gary Taylor and Rebecca Flynn explore the language, plot, themes, and geographical and historical background of William Shakespeare's tragedy in this presentation set against the backdrop of the Scottish highlands. Combining excerpts from the play about the ambitious would-be king and his wife with expert analysis of the text, the program brings the Bard's words to life and provides context for the play's events.

World Geography Synopsis The world expands and conflates all at once in this eye-opening four-disc series that takes viewers to 16 different countries and shows them what the days and nights are truly like for those who live there. The adventure-filled series brings to life the study of geography, with participants journeying to such far-flung locales as Israel, South Africa, the United Kingdom, France and China, and then meeting and learning from one another.

Lesson 4 Synopsis Georgetown University mathematics lecturer Monica Neagoy leads you step by step through the basics of graphing calculators, including the uses of function, editing and statistics keys; variables; and equations relating to two axes.

Neagoy effectively uses practical examples and historical anecdotes that will inform and entertain you, whether you need a refresher course or are learning for the first time.

Italian Synopsis Increase your facility with Italian in this interactive program designed for beginner-to-intermediate students, with an emphasis on vocabulary and everyday idioms. Featuring native speakers and an encouraging approach, the unique presentation covers greetings, phone conversations, ordering in a restaurant, business phrases and more. Handy quizzes help you test what you've learned.

Lesson 5 Synopsis Algebra was never this much fun. Combining real-world examples and interesting anecdotes, this lesson also delves into derivations of algebraic formulas and is perfect for first-time learners or anyone who needs a refresher course. Long Division Synopsis Utilizing real-world examples, this educational program teaches viewers an easy-to-understand approach to solving long-division problems. Within no time at all, viewers will be able to make good estimates and divide by one- or two-digit divisors.

The significance of the powerful mantra "divide, multiply, subtract, bring down" is explained thoroughly. Viewers will also learn why it is impossible to divide by zero. Sentence Complements Synopsis This installment in the popular educational series helps students learning English as a second language master the tricky art of using sentence complements -- words that describe or modify the subject of a sentence.

Topics covered in this volume include understanding the difference between direct and indirect objects, distinguishing between transitive and intransitive verbs, and correctly using linking verbs with a complement to complete a thought.

Lessons Synopsis In the final installment of their award-winning sign language series, husband-and-wife team Larry Solow and Sharon Neumann focus on expressing emotion through sign, discussing general health, and talking about holidays and seasons. A comprehensive final wrap-up also provides a substantive review of all the material taught in previous installments, from basic finger spelling to more advanced concepts.

Science Synopsis Getting kids to learn science is easy when you ground tricky concepts in real-world examples. This four-disc series does just that, bringing core scientific concepts to life in a visually compelling way.

Offering instruction on everything from the human body to fossils and dinosaurs, weather and climate, the states of matter and how simple machines work, these programs take science out of the classroom and bring it into students' lives. Metamorphic Rocks Synopsis Prof. Palminteri notes that the studio was re-designed from the ground up to accommodate the new series, and Rick Ruggles installed the new broadcast console. Numerous students from Hofstra University got their internship requirements fulfilled during this period, including Lorraine Buzzetta.

The approach to educational TV pioneered during this time has become the template for educational TV throughout the country. In , Extra Help was expanded to 24 hours on weekdays, and the Long Island One branding was removed. On weekends, they would still show the Photo Bulletin Board, but the Cablevision logo was pasted over the Long Island One logo in the banner that showed up every five minutes telling viewers how to submit events.

The channels homework help shows were now all merged under the banner School's Out which later became Studio Y , the flagship teen talk program for the networks. The channel still kept the MetroLearning name for a year or so, until it was renamed MetroStories.

Eventually, Full Frontal Fashion was all this channel showed. By this time, Cablevision removed the channel from its analog lineup and replaced it with TV Land. MetroStories then went to Cablevision's digital cable service, iO on channel , where it would die, along with Metro in Summer Studio Y became the network's flagship program carrying the ratings. The series was a teen-oriented talk program which began with a hot topic and was discussed by the hosts and panelists. What made the show unique is besides its two hosts, primarily Welly Yang and Leila Sbitani , it had a revolving set, usually four at a time, of local tri-state area high school students, which it recruited through high school principals.

Many panelists were offered special opportunities to attend press junkets, which the network lucratively scored, for major motion pictures. Each day the show would have a different subject, School's Out: Math , School's Out: Science , School's Out: English , and School's Out: It brought in several teachers of different subjects each day, who used to have shows on the former Extra Help channel and offered live call-in homework help. The show moved to Metro, which had greater reach since it was also on Time Warner Cable and the show was renamed School's Out on Metro.

Eventually, the learning element was removed entirely and the show was renamed Studio Y. Most non-upgraded systems aired this channel on channel 1, Extra Help's old channel slot. This channel has since ceased programming in with the demise of Metro. When more than two teams played at the same time, Cablevision made those games available to cable systems with additional feeds such as MSG2 or FSN2.

However, since these channels were not permanent channels, cable companies had to find an available channel or sometimes temporarily replace an existing channel to carry these additional feeds.

Cablevision claimed that companies whose advertisements appeared during those sporting events were upset at the use of these additional feeds since it resulted in lower number of viewers. These games were only available to subscribers who had the MetroChannels on their cable system, causing an uproar among area sports fans. Outside of Cablevision, few cable systems carried the Metro channels, since Cablevision would only sell all 3 channels together as a package.

In addition, the programming on the MetroChannels was very Manhattan-specific and carried content thought to be of little interest to people who lived outside of the local New York City area.

Time Warner Cable did reach a deal with Cablevision, but Comcast did not.

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There is very little direct reference to what the contents of these TV shows are, but what is clear is the way in which they are focused on very little meaningful content, and are just distractions to help people ignore the emptiness of their own lives and the meaningless nature of their existence. Jan 31,  · I need a little help with my hw for class. I dont watch that much tv, so I am so confused! -I need to name three tv shows that show love in the same way. (and describe how they show that love) And I mean love, as in serious love between two people and not family love. lol. Thank you soo much! And best answer will definitely be awarded!!Status: Resolved.