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❶Call center workers, I am the boogie man your QA departments tell you about. But they need a bunch of the energy to live, so we get the leftover energy.

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Lets get this thing done people! This is a place to post motivational links and tips related to getting that MA or PHD dissertation submitted and defended. What has worked for you? What interesting articles have helped you on your way? I've found the fitness reddit extremely helpful for gym motivation, so I thought to start something here to get my and hopefully your fingers flying across the keyboard.

Any tips for freelance writer? What are your tips and advice for academic writing? Have you ever been caught on plagiarism? Trying to figure out if this interview comes from a credible source. Opinions on Thesis Idea PoSci self. Anybody out there have any good topics?

Is there a magic way to help me write a thesis? How did you feel leading up to your Thesis Defense? I offer pro bono editing or proofreading services self. Help out a friend finish her thesis! From Sci-fi to reality? Some Thesis Ideas self. The Higgs is massive and unstable, so to detect it, you need to look at the things it decays into, then add those puzzle pieces back together.

Part of my thesis was looking for a rare decay mode, and there simply wasn't enough data to see a signal inside all the noise, so we set a limit: This is very common in experimental particle physics, most of the time you don't see anything, and that helps rule out exotic theories. And of course you'd publish that! You don't want some other group to waste precious time and energy doing a study that's already been with the same data, at least.

And you don't want to theorists to make new theories that don't conform with your study! You can hide data files in a form of engineered noise in images, videos, audio, etc. You can also try to find if someone hid data in these objects. This has surprisingly large number of applications for security, authentication, forensics, identification and entertainment.

Many effective treatments, both behavioral and pharmacological exist for depression and chronic sleep disturbance. My doctors thought I was sleeping poorly for years because I was depressed and sent me to therapy but put me on trazadone so I could get some sleep "for now" while I was supposed to be fixing my depression. Thing is, once I started sleeping solidly through the night my depression faded and now I'm totally fine but still on the sleeping pills.

It took years for them to say, "hmm, I guess you were depressed because you were tired, not tired because you were depressed. Hopefully with advancements in our testing and neuropsychiatric theories, we can catch people like you sooner than the 6 year mark!

By asking 20 simple questions to 50 selected employees of a big firm about their job satisfaction, habits and hobbies you can estimate the following year's share price.

These 20 questions can predict the future of the stock market! You won't believe number 14! So why not do computer models before you print, to work out the kinks? Well, computer modeling of 3d printing processes is also very difficult. Mine is "You get new brain cells even as an adult. Alzheimer's disease screws up production of new brain cells, and screwing up production of new brain cells might cause Alzheimer's disease".

My wife's is "We made a mouse with a mutated cancer gene, but the mouse got autism instead". Insulating foam is used on the space station. Sometimes electrical wires can overheat causing it to start smoldering.

How and why does this happen, what would cause it to go from smoldering to an open fire and how can we stop this. They gave me a nice plaque for having my experiment in the cargo bay of the space shuttle. Accounting rules are written for people, but read by computers. We can make them easier for computers to read. When the government wants to give handouts to poor people, too much of that money winds up in the hands of people who aren't poor at all.

Because the forms you have to fill in to get the handouts are too complicated, and poor people can't read so good. The men who settled British Columbia had a different conception of masculinity than the men who settled the prairie provinces. You started in the East, got halfway to BC, your wagon broke down, and then you said, "Welp, this is it.

I used a laser like a tractor beam to grab single bacterial cells from a species that make electricity and land them on teeny tiny electrodes I custom made to measure how much electricity a single bacterium makes. It's around fA of current per cell. Could some kind of bacteria-electrolyte soup ever be used to generate useful amounts of electricity like this?

You have to think of them as a catalyst. There are microbial fuel cells that use bacteria like this to generate electricity, but they're not super efficient. The bacteria break down a food waste water, lactate etc. Once the electrons have done their thing, they go through special proteins on the cell membrane and contact a solid surface an electrode and inject their electrons onto that. Humans do the same thing, except the place the electrons go is oxygen which goes inside the cell, and not solid metals outside the cell.

But they need a bunch of the energy to live, so we get the leftover energy. They are useful for ultrasmall applications, studying some fundamental things about bacterial metabolisms, and for applications like waste water treatment where you are basically throwing away a bunch of usable energy in the waste.

Also, for underwater applications where you want to power a sensor underground for a long time and have it eat organic material off the ocean floor, and not have to change the batteries. The stereotype that the more time you spend online, the more scared you are of the world; it's pretty darn accurate.

I recall reading about a study in the 70s that compared television news viewers with people whose primary source was the newspaper. Readers had a much more balanced world view than the TV viewers, who basically thought the world was falling apart. Being very sad can make you sick. Being very sad for a long amount if time can make you very sick, maybe die earlier I'm working on that bit still.

MA working on dissertation. Thanks for all of the wonderful questions and comments, folks! You are truly the reason research is awesome.

Being sad isn't always being depressed but both can have effects on your health. It weakens your immune system overall making you more susceptible to infection and disease.

Computer AI systems can learn to operate a warp drive and automatically build a instructional system to train people how to do it.

My dissertation is probably the only one in existence to reference the Star Trek technical manual. If anyone wants to read it: Kids who are intensely bullied grow up to be adults with really low self-esteem and are generally less successful than their peers.

They didn't become my step siblings until they were all adults. The guy in question is 24, completely failed his 1st entire year of college, was expelled, and is addicted to videogames while living at home and paying a very low rent by the grace of my mom and step dad. I was bullies much growing up. My social skills are poor since I mostly stayed to myself. I somehow landed a job as an hvac "engineer". Yet I still constantly think I will fail at everything and that I suck.

Being bullied can change a person. Still working on this one. If so, how rad do we have to be before we stop being sapiens? My thesis is specifically focussed on whether we would stop being 'human', rather than questions of species, because species is a really really insignificant distinction.

For the big foot thing I set up a camera in big foot country over the winter to watch snowfall patterns, because we couldn't access the site in the winter. I told my boss that if I found Bigfoot I was changing my thesis topic high impact publication!!! A long time ago, people used rocks to do things. Sometimes they hit things with those rocks, or sharpened them for stabbing purposes. High energy particles travel to the first spot available in a material for relaxation right? Nope, they go to the lowest local energy minimum.

Doctors and patients should make treatment decisions together. Here's what that means, what it should look like, and why they should do that. Some of you have asked questions and I will definitely answer them when I'm back at a computer. Glad people are interested! People sometimes think about animals as if they're people. People like those animals a little more than regular animals. Except when they don't. And I can't believe multiple people gave me gold.

Theoretically it should apply to both. In my dissertation studies, though, I was more specifically concerned with the ways people think about puppies vs.

Really, what happens when we anthropomorphize anything a dog, Donald Duck, a tree, Mr. Prior to my research, people often described only the positive effects of anthropomorphism, but I showed that it can have both positive and negative effects. One thing I've never understood is how you can turn something like this into potentially hundreds of pages.

Is it mostly just "this study supports my theory because of this, this, and this. This other study also supports my theory because of that, that, and that. This other study doesn't support my theory because of these, but that's only because these were made when those were present, and the other studies didn't have those present. Give me a PhD. The broad topic is something called social cognition, which simply describes the way we think about social agents in our environment.

I argue that we sometimes treat pets and other non-humans as if they're social agents. In itself, that wasn't new, but I took it an extended direction. To be honest, I didn't write that much.

You have to have a good chunk of review of the previous literature on the topic, but then in my discipline, original contribution is much more important than additional pages of explanation.

It's got a really playful title that I like a lot. I wish this was a throwaway so I could tell you. Schools are beginning re: In many school districts, police are handling minor school delinquency like tardiness, writing on a desk, possession of minor contraband like a can of soda or a cellphone , which results in a lot of kids getting a record for normal childhood behavior.

In short, cops called "School Resource Officers" are increasingly handling discipline instead of teachers or school administrators. And yes, Black, Hispanic, and poor males are differentially impacted.

This just contributes to the school-to-prison pipeline without decreasing delinquency in schools. Cops in schools arrest kids--often with little cause--without a corresponding increase in school safety.

EDIT I wanted to mention two things. First, I will happily PM back and fourth with anyone who wants. Second, and I think this is worth sharing.

I'm a quantitative criminologist, but a few years ago, I did interviews with families and kids whose live's had been significantly impacted our ruined because of school discipline and security. Shit like going to jail 9, 10, 11 year olds because your shirt wasn't tucked in.

It took a couple weeks to complete interviews with hundreds of people. After each night, I got back to my hotel room and cried I'm a large man with law enforcement experience and didn't even cry during the stampede scene of the Lion King. But talking with kids and families who have lost all hope, that really gets you in the feels. In an online job posting, formatting has a larger effect than content on eliciting a response from job seekers qualified and otherwise.

Edit Because people asked, here are the things I can say. To be clear up-front, most of the findings will save you from putting extra effort into a job posting that gets no additional response, rather than tell you how to increase the response. Also, note that I lost sight of the applicants after they clicked the "Apply" button.

Did they interview poorly? Did they abandon navigating the UI disgrace that is Taleo? Sometimes, light does shit that it's not supposed to, and that's really cool. So people can try to make light do that cool shit so we can use it to make stuff. Dolphins have languages much more complex than any human language. They have unique names for themselves and words for things and actions. Perhaps, "So long and thanks for all the fish". Chemical that looks like claw from claw machine can grab other chemicals.

Someone somewhere in the future could use this to make medicine in the future, maybe. I turned that thesis into a full time job convincing people to violate their company policies in order to get access to sensitive and confidential material. Call center workers, I am the boogie man your QA departments tell you about. I crunch numbers using a supercomputer in the hopes of ensuring a fusion reactor in France doesn't get fried on the inside.

You'll never guess why English-language translators have fucked up this German author's works so much! If you know a material has poor properties at high temperature, don't be surprised when you find out it has even worse properties at higher temperatures. The rate of STIs or STDs is very high among African American women, and it may be partially because of subtle negotiation distinctions between men and women in their culture.

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I help myself up thesis I can't think of anything 'good' to reddit and end up with nothing at the end of the day to show for it. Even if it's crap, just help. It's nice to have a plan, but thesis you can't even think of a plan, just pick a section you have some ideas about and write. Submitting: Lets get reddit thing done help This is a place to post motivational links and tips related to getting that MA or PHD dissertation submitted and defended.

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Before You Post. Lets get this thing done people! This is a place to post motivational links help art homework help related to getting reddit MA or PHD dissertation submitted and defended.. What has worked thesis you? Thesis writing tips for the I-left-it-to-the-last-minute PhD student: Naturejobs Blog. proofreading editing services Reddit Thesis Help research paper body lab report help.