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The Help Summary & Study Guide

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The Help Summary & Study Guide Description
by Kathryn Stockett
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It becomes a national bestseller and, soon, the white women of Jackson begin recognizing themselves in the book's characters. Hilly Holbrook, in particular, is set on vengeance due to the details in the book. Hilly and Skeeter grew up best friends, but they now have very different views on race and the future of integration in Mississippi. Hilly, who leads the Junior League and bosses around the other white women in the town, reveals to Stuart, Skeeter's boyfriend, that she found a copy of the Jim Crow laws in Skeeter's purse, which further ostracizes Skeeter from their community.

In the end, it is a secret about Hilly that Minny reveals in Skeeter's book that silences Hilly. The book becomes a powerful force in giving a voice to the black maids and causes the community of Jackson to reconsider the carefully drawn lines between white and black. Next "Eugenia ""Skeeter"" Phelan". Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks?

The Help Kathryn Stockett. At the end of the novel, what final words does Aibileen want Mae Mobley to remember? Soon, though, she begins resenting her work situation. OK, back to the present. Today, the ladies are playing bridge at the Leefolts'. Elizabeth uses a tablecloth to cover the "L-shaped crack" in her table 1. Skeeter Phelan and Hilly Holbrook show up for the bridge game; they are about the same age as Elizabeth.

Miss Walter, Hilly's mother, is also at the game. Soon, the topic turns to bathrooms. Hilly thinks black people "carry different […] diseases" 1. Skeeter learns that Aibileen's son Treelore was writing a book about his experiences in Mississippi at the time of his death. This inspires Skeeter to try to convince the local maids to be interviewed for a book that will show their points of view.

Hilly sets Skeeter up on a blind date with Stuart Whitworth, a Senator's son. Stuart gets drunk and insults Skeeter. She never wants to see him again.

In December, Minny is discovered by Johnny Foote, her employer's husband. She's terrified of what he'll do to her, a strange black woman in his bedroom. But her fears are in vain — Johnny realized his wife Celia had help as soon as the cooking improved. He's glad Minny is here. Johnny asks Minny to pretend that he doesn't know about her, though.

Aibileen, an avid writer, agrees to work with Skeeter on the book about the lives of the maids of Jackson, and they begin spending their evenings together.

Eventually, Minny also agrees to work with them. Aibileen tries to get other maids involved, but they are all too frightened. Skeeter steals a pamphlet from the library that lists Jim Crow laws. Three months after their failed first date, Skeeter and Stuart go out again and even share a passionate kiss. Stuart becomes a regular part of Skeeter's life, though he doesn't know about her secret writing project. In May of , Celia has a miscarriage and reveals that it's her fourth.

She's afraid that if she can't have babies, Johnny won't want her anymore. When Minny tries to convince her that Johnny loves her, Celia realizes that Minny and Johnny have met. In July, Hilly's maid, Yule May, steals one of her rings, which happens to be valueless and which Hilly hates. When Hilly refused to loan her the money, Yule stole the ring. Anger at Hilly over her treatment of Yule May, plus a little persuasion from Minny, convinces eleven more maids to tell their stories for Skeeter's book.

Skeeter and her family have dinner at Stuart's parents' home. At dinner, the topic keeps coming around to Stuart's ex, Patricia Van Devender, who cheated on Stuart with a white civil rights activist. At the end of the evening, Stuart breaks up with Skeeter.

Hilly steals the list of Jim Crow laws out of Skeeter's bag and says she won't give them back until Skeeter, editor of the Junior League newspaper, prints a notice about Hilly's bathroom project in the newsletter. Outdoor bathrooms for black employees in white households, remember? Skeeter does print the notice.

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The Help, Kathryn Stockett's debut novel, tells the story of black maids working in white Southern homes in the early s in Jackson, Mississippi, and of Miss Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, a year-old graduate from Ole Miss, who returns to her family's cotton plantation, Longleaf, to find that her.

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The Help book summary & chapter summaries of The Help novel.

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The Help study guide contains a biography of Kathryn Stockett, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The Help by Kathryn Stockett is a novel about black maids in Jackson, Mississippi, in The black maids work with Skeeter Phelan, a white woman, to create a book depicting their lives. The.

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Summary and reviews of The Help by Kathryn Stockett, plus links to a book excerpt from The Help and author biography of Kathryn Stockett. The Help Chapter 1 summary. Brief summary of Chapter 1 in The Help book.