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Essay on Water Scarcity in India (1113 Words)

Effects of Water Scarcity

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Causes of Water Scarcity

Climate change will complicate things even further, and in unpredictable ways. Second, the agriculture is another cause of water shortage, it is the largest industry in the world and it is threatening to our environment. Inefficient food production and harmful agriculture subsidies are causing deforestation, water shortages and pollution.

The lack of sustainable agriculture harms the environment by sucking out rivers, lakes and underground water sources dry, washing pollutants in rivers destroy ecosystems such as corals and breeding grounds for fish in coastal areas.

Fourth, industrial wastes and pollution of water are another two main reasons for shortage of water; they are as harmful as agriculture and reckless irrigation for causing a water shortage problem. Industrial wastes are dumped by factories and facilities in fresh water resources such as lakes and rivers, it contains mercury and lead which are very harmful and may cause serious diseases for humans if they drank from this water. Pollution of water is either caused by people themselves; they throw garbage into fresh water resources making it unacceptable for drinking or in the developing countries, sewage is dumped into rivers which are sometimes considered as fresh water resources.

There are many ways we can apply to decrease the water demand such as educating the society to change their behavior of consuming water, Improving the irrigation and agricultural behaviors, Recycling wastewater, putting an approximate price to water, developing efficient desalination plants, putting regulations and rules by the government to punish anyone who commits a crime against water, and finally controlling the population growth.

In this way we will achieve cheaper and easier solution for solving the water scarcity and controlling the water demand. In the end we concluded that water shortage is a very serious problem that may be the reason for the extinction of the human race. Everyone must cooperate with the government and countries must cooperate with each other to achieve this solution and save the next generations from suffering.

Home Essays Water Shortage. Water scarcity can be defined as lack of enough water or simply lack of access to safe water. According to research, very few reliable sources of safe water to exist today, and the problem does not end there. Analysts believe that the few remaining water sources are fast drying up simply because of the ever increasing demand and costs associated with maintaining the existing sources. Moderate water shortage was first recorded in the 18th century.

With time, the problem increased and affected more people around the world. During that period, more than million people were affected negatively and most of them have ended up losing their lives. Among the continents affected by the crisis, Africa topped the list and was closely followed by Asia.

Currently, the water crisis is associated with a number of negative effects. Poor health is one of the many negative effects associated with this particular problem. According to analysts, many people who cannot access clean water on a regular basis normally end up taking dirty water from flowing streams, many of which are contaminated.

With time, such individuals usually develop different health complications such as cholera, diarrhea and dysentery. Hunger is another negative effect associated with water scarcity.

According to them, less water normally leads to low crop production which in the long run leads to hunger and thirst. Poor education and poverty are also some of the most common negative effects associated with water scarcity. Many children in Africa normally walk for miles searching for water. This normally tire them and in some cases force them to miss school. In the long run, such individuals usually fail to secure the basic knowledge and skills which focus on job creation and poverty eradication.

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The World's Water Shortage Water shortage and degradation is a growing concern for many countries including the United States. Drinking water protection is a big responsibility that involves government, business and individuals.

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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Water crises have focused peoples attention on water shortage and degradation. Scarce water resources have had negative impacts on the world.

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Fresh water shortage is a global issue. There are more than one hundred countries face different levels of fresh water shortage, and thirty years later there will be 28 to 33 hundred billion people have shortages of water. People lived in fresh water shortage countries cannot even have water to keep them alive. Because of [ ]. This essay will examine the water crisis specifically in China, because it is the country with the most serious water shortage problems in the world. Also, this essay will suggest possible solutions on solving these problems and evaluate them.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | Water Shortage Water shortage problem is when humans or living creatures suffer from a scarcity of water another definition for. Causes and Effects of Water Shortage – Essay Sample Today, in many places on Earth, fresh water demands begin to exceed its availability, and this situation is unlikely to improve. Currently more than a billion people around the globe suffer from water deficiency.